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Shields Transition Services is a full-service packing, Moving, and house cleaning.  We specialize in serving older adults and their families in their moving and transition process.

Our compassionate Transition Team includes trained & serving off-duty firefighters who believe in serving and protecting their clients

and their belongings through the entire process.

Meet Your Team

Each Shields Transition Services Team Member is trained to treat you, your home, and your possessions with the utmost respect. 

Steve and Wednesday Shields


As a firefighter for 22 years, Steve has assisted seniors and their families through a variety of situations, many of them life-threatening.  These are skills he has developed and brought to Shields Transition Services that have proven so valuable to our clients - trust, protection, and compassion.


As a firefighter, he understands organization, trustworthiness, compassion, hard work and above all, putting the well-being of those you serve, first. 

These all play a part in helping with the stresses, anxiety and expended energy and emotions that go into transitioning to a new situation. 

As a medical social worker, Wednesday knows what the emotional impact of having to transition to new surroundings can have on the entire family.  Whether a senior member or grown child of one, this can be very difficult and challenging to overcome.  She knows firsthand Shield Transition Services brings an important and valuable service to each family..  

Shields Transition Team

We are proud that many of our Transition Team members are firefighters who bring the qualities of their job to you through professionalism, care, and attention-to-detail.

Behind our thorough vetting process and effective training program, each team member reflects the integrity and values we are committed to uphold.     

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