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  • How do I get ready for my move?
    Together, you and your Transition Team Member will make a Move Plan, outlining each step to be taken. Complete the Complimentary Consultation here. Then we can meet to discuss your specific needs that include providing you with a quote.
  • How far in advance do we need to begin the process?
    While it is never too soon to get a complimentary consultation, which can ease your worries and anwwer all of your questions, waiting until the last minute can hinder your plans. A lot depends on what needs to be done prior to the move. For example, an estate sale can take a month or more to arrange. Everyone’s needs are different, so it is best to contact us as soon as you decide to make a move.
  • Can I pack some of my own things?
    Absolutely. However, remember that boxes get stacked in the moving truck, so a good packing job with the right supplies is important. You are responsible for the items in the boxes you pack. However, you also have the option to coordinate with us any of the packing needs.
  • I have lived in my home (or apartment) for years. How do I decide what to bring?
    Your Transition Team Member can help lay out your new floor plan, measure the rooms and the furntiure you want to take with you. This Moving Plan will help you decide what items you want and what will realistically fit in your new home. Anything else left behind will be discussed as part of your Moving Plan.
  • I need to downsize. Can you help me?
    Absolutely! Our Transition Team Members are trained to assist you in all phases of downsizing. We will work with you to inventory, categorize and separate those belongings you wish to take with you or leave behind. In addition to moving logistics at the front and back end of the transport, we'll assist on the 'leftovers'. For those things you don't want, we provide cleaning and disposal services - and we have resources for estate sale planners and charitable organizations as well.
  • Are you a moving company?
    Our Transition Team specializes in the logistics of moving, from the front end of organizing, packing and coordination with a certified moving company (you choose or we can recommend) since we don't handle the actual transport. As specialists, we'll take care of the specific needs preparing for your move then handle the back end of your destination that can include unpacking, arranging, room planning and set-up of electronics, furniture, appliances and even bedroom or kitchen drawers.
  • How much do you charge?
    Each move is unique and the amount of assistance that each family would like varies. As a result, we always offer a complimentary visit when we provide an estimate of costs for each individual's circumstances. Unlike others, we do not believe in hidden costs or add-on surprises, or upsell charges. To get started, just fill out a Complimentary Consultation here.
  • I am moving to (or from) outside the area. Can you help me?
    Typically, our service area includes the surrounding Spokane Metro area. If you are outside the area, at the very least, we will make every attempt to provide you contacts of services for the other side of your journey.
  • I am not a senior. May I use your moving services?
    Yes! Whlie we specailize in coordinating and assisting older adults, we help families of all ages who want or need someone to assist in the moving and re-settling process.

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